The Bloodsports.TV Beta has come to an end. For the next two days we’ll be preparing for the official release on March 30. You can find more information about what this will entail here:

Announcement: Important – Beta Information

During the Beta we’ve received a ton of great feedback and have been hard at work squashing bugs, polishing features and implementing community ideas such as Smart Cast

We hope you’ve enjoyed participating in the Beta and would like to thank each and every one of you for your help in making Bloodsports.TV a better game. Special shout-out to those of you who made it to the Top 100 in the Scoreboard – great work!

So, what’s next?

Up until launch you can grab the game at a discounted price as well as get a FREE BONUS COPY:

We have a lot of ideas for things we’d like to do post-launch and we hope you’re as excited for the future of the game as we are. If you have ideas for future updates, let us know in the forums!

Gladiators, prepare for the official launch of Bloodsports.TV.
Outlaws are incoming