A new patch is live for Bloodsports.TV!


 Gameplay itm_unclave_visor

  • The guaranteed crit buffs granted by True Horror and Vengeful AI Buckler now last for one normal attack or up to 3 seconds.
    Now infinitely shorter.
  • Hardy’s Seismic Stomp can no longer damage the Missile Silo.
    It was kind of funny though


Tech itm_cursed_idol

  • Enemy pathfinding should work better on Rooftop Rumble.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mad Butcher would teleport outside the gameplay area.
  • Wave number should now longer get messed up when a new player joins the game after wave 10.
  • Fixed crash when buying both Turbo Energizer and Cerebral Overcharger, and then selling one of them.
  • Fixed crash when using abilities on a Gladiator just being revived.


Misc itm_energy_fix

  • Units killed by the Missile destruction explosion should no longer grant coin or experience.
    For more accurate post game stats.
  • Hyland’s Hyperfang will no longer give combat text to all players.
  • If all players but one are ready in a game lobby, and the one that is not ready get kicked/leaves the game, the countdown should now start automatically.
  • Wide Search in server filters will now pick up a lot more servers.
    For all of you in the remote parts of the world!


See you in the Arena!