Glory is Forever


Welcome back to the second Toadman dev blog. The idea is to make new posts each week up until and after release, where we share our thought and experiences from the development and post-release evolution. If there is anything about the game that you would like to have described or discussed in a blog post, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Hello! My name is Rasmus Davidsson and I’m Lead Designer at Bloodsports.TV. This week we’ll be scratching on the surface of the games meta progression and competitive features: the Path to Glory and the Scoreboards.


Path to Glory – Make a Name

The Path to Glory is your way towards achieving the greatest title a Gladiator can receive – Grandmaster. You start at the bottom as an unknown Gladiator with nothing to lose. As you prove yourself in the arena, through brave deeds and great showmanship you will advance through the Path to Glory. For example, to make a name as a Medikus you might have to heal allied Gladiators that are just about to be brought down or as a Slayer inflict massive killing blows with critical strikes only. The higher you reach, the more infamous you become in the Bloodsports scene. This unlocks new titles for you to boast in the Arenas, as well as new looks for your Gladiators and combat upgrades, granting in-game perks.


Scoreboards – Reach the Top

The Scoreboards is the next step in becoming the greatest Gladiator in Arenas of Krater. Here you compete for ranks among all players across the globe or among friends. Filters allows you make your own goals, such as becoming the best 2 player team on Solside Arena or the highest scoring Medikus among your friends in the Abandoned Mine. But the final goal will always remain – to achieve the highest total score in the world. Achieving this will of course be incredibly hard, and only superior strategy, excellent teamwork and flawless execution will take you that far. The scores are achieved together as a team, so make sure to bring your most trusted friends.


Alright, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading :)

Check back again next week for a more in-depth reveal of our four classes in Bloodsports.TV!