Bloodsports.TV Dev Blog #1

The Holy Trinity +1

Welcome to the first dev blog from us at Toadman! First, let us briefly introduce our small game studio. We are located in Stockholm, Sweden and have previously worked on Killing Floor: Calamity. We who work here love both making and playing games, and we play games of pretty much all genres – digital and non-digital alike. We love discussing our games with you, so feel free to bombard us with questions wherever you have the chance ;)

Ok! Rasmus here, Lead Designer for Bloodsports.TV! Since the game has finally been let out in the light and all (yay!) I thought it was time to get down to some business: discussing some of the design ideas in the game.
First of all, a super-fast recap of what Bloodsports.TV is: Top-down (RTS view), objective defense using sort of Heroes (Gladiators that kill for sports, not really “Heroes”…) with a massive focus on co-operation. That last point, co-op, will be the focus of this first dev blog, since it is the very heart of this game.


Co-op. It’s a neat word to toss around. But for it to be fun, all players needs to have a role to fill, and all roles must feel needed. To make a role feel needed, it needs to bring something unique to the Arena, something that other roles just can’t do. To achieve this, Bloodsports classes are built on the Holy Trinity structure – Tank, Healer and Damage Dealer, with the addition of a Crowd Control class… I guess that makes it a Quadrality or something.


 Tanks – in Bloodsports.TV are called Bruisers – they are experts at attracting enemy attention and soaking damage while the healers, Medikus, heal them. This makes damage management more efficient, since a tank usually reduce incoming damage, making the healers heals more efficient. Of course the healer often needs to heal other allies as well, but the less the better. But don’t worry about this making combat into stale tradings of stats, enemies have plenty of tricks to disrupt the Gladiators’ strategies, making fights into constant battles for control and everyone’s survival. Oh, and then there are the Bosses too that really puts the efficiency to the test.


The damage dealers – primarily Slayers – kill enemies. This is kinda crucial to avoid being overwhelmed by incoming hordes. The damage dealers also have various abilities to weaken enemy defenses and excel at taking out weaker support enemies in the backlines. The crowd control specialists, Regulators, keep the enemy forces at bay using stuns, slows, decoys and various debuffs and have tons of splash damage to clear out lesser enemies fast. Their ability to stun enemies is also essential in order to interrupt powerful enemy abilities.


All together, a combined team of Gladiators is the “best” way to go in order to be able to get far in the Arena. As you climb higher in the Leagues of Bloodsports.TV, relying on allies and utilizing each role to its max will be key to success. That said, I am fully aware that many of you crazy people out there will find a ton of experimental ways to compose your crews in order to reach new heights – and this is part of the glory that is games with a lot of strategic depth and freedom!


Sorry for wall of text, I’m just happy to finally be able to speak openly about this game!


We look forward to seeing you in the scoreboards (and if you’re lucky, in the Arenas!)