Yet another week has past, and we wish you welcome back to the third Toadman dev blog. This week’s edition is going to be focusing on our biggest milestone so far: the Bloodsports.TV Beta Launch!

Hey! As usual I, Rasmus Davidsson Lead Designer at Toadman Interactive, am here to host this weeks Dev Blog! We are incredibly excited about about the Beta Launch! Today we will not start presenting Bloodsports.TV’s classes as stated earlier. Instead we will make a rundown on what the intention of this Beta is, and how we can all co-operate to make this game the best co-op game we can. Because what you all think about our game is, to us, the most important part of the entire development.

Scope of the Beta
The Beta will start at a smaller scale. We have had a lot of Beta sign ups, so to make sure that everything runs smoothly we will start off letting just some of you (still quite many) into the servers. As soon as things seem to be working fine (hopefully in about a week) we will let more people in. And as long as things keep running smoothly, we will keep handing out more and more beta keys until the game is ready to launch.

Purpose of the Beta
There are several purposes of the Beta. One is simply to make sure that the game works on the intended machines and to make sure that the game is stable enough to be released.

The main purpose though is to collect feedback from the community. What parts of the game do you enjoy, and which parts need improvements? How is the balance of the game difficulty? Does everyone feel that all Gladiators of all classes serve their roles (and good enough)? Everything that hasn’t turned out as we intended is of interest to us. Bloodsports.TV is an continously evolving game, so all feedback has a great chance of having an impact on the development.

How you can help make the game better
By giving us any and all your feedback and bug reports on our Forums! If you have crashes, technical issues, no clue what to do in the game, what the purpose of something is or if something just bugs you – Let us know! We will do our very best to try and solve all such issues before release, but its hard to solve them if we don’t know that they exist!

Visit the Fatshark forums!
Bug reports section:
Feedback section:

There are other sections too if you just wanna chat, look for a crew or are in need of technical support.

If you’ve made it into the beta, then congratulations and thank you for signing up and for playing! It means a lot to us. Keep an eye out for us Toadmen and Fatsharks on the servers!

Til next time everyone!