We’re back for more dev bloggery! With the beta active, the past week has been incredibly fun for us at Toadman Interactive as we’ve gotten the chance to see how some of you play the game and even being able to share the experience with a few. The on-going beta tests are moving forward just fine, and this week’s blog will be back on topic, presenting the classes of Bloodsports.TV. Enjoy!

Hey all! Rasmus Davidsson here – or Laxen in the forums/servers – Lead Designer at Toadman Interactive. As promised we will go a bit deeper into each of the game’s classes and Gladiators in this and the upcoming weeks’ posts. First the Regulator – specialist at crowd controlling and area-of-effect damage.

The Role

The core role of the Regulator is crowd control. Dazzling stuns keeps dangerous enemies locked in place and (maybe most important of all) interrupts powerful enemy abilities. On top of this, the Regulator has various other means to distract, slow, weaken and keep the enemies at bay, preventing the Gladiators from being overrun by the vicious Outlaws.

The Regulator is generally also very good at dealing massive area-of-effect damage using explosives, acid, electric blasts and other techy tricks to quickly clear out swarms of lesser enemies. This does however make them weak against strong single target enemies, where other classes will have to to the majority of the work.

Usually, Regulators use ranged attacks, are quite frail by nature and lack heals, making them the most squishy class in the game. As a bonus though they use various ruses or devices such as Teleports, combined with their crowd control effects to stay at a safe distance from enemies. But watch out for mobile enemies! Some of them might be able to catch up with you despite your sly attempts to stay away, such as the teleporting Slashers or if you have been hit by a Brutalizers throwing knife.regulator_actionportrait

Kati Sagan

First out of the Regulators is Kati Sagan. Kati is a brilliant engineer with a wide array of techy stuff to electrocute and nano-virus-infest her enemies with. She can teleport around the battlefield and efficiently dispatches enemies with her high-calibre fully automatic ‘Zap-o-Kill’ carbine.


Kati uses powerful Concussion Grenades to stun large groups of enemies while staying away from enemies with her Teleport ability. She is also able to Lockdown, drastically increasing her rate of fire while remaining stationary. She may still Teleport while Lockdowned, making her able to zap around the battlefield, providing suppressive fire where needed. Her ultimate ability is Viral Shred, a large AOE ability that deals massive damage over time while severely slowing and debuffing affected enemies and restoring energy to allies.


abi_stun_grenade Concussion Grenade abi_stun_grenade Lock Down abi_stun_grenade Teleport abi_stun_grenade Viral Shred


Strategy and builds

Kati plays very differently based on which items you chose to buy. The two most notable builds are either going full out Tech Power or a Attack Speed and Damage oriented build. A Tech Power focused Kati is able to deal massive AOE damage and stun bunches of enemies for very long periods. She also drastically increases the damage and debuff of her Viral Shred, which combined with a Concussion grenade makes her able to clear out large groups of powerful enemies in just a couple of seconds. A Damage focused build for Kati instead makes her Lockdown ability the core of her kit to provide intense firepower with high mobility, while Concussion Grenade primarily is used to interrupt enemy abilities and Viral Shred to debuff her attack target. There are also some neat hybrid builds available if you buy items that use Tech Power to increase the damage of normal attacks – experiment away!

“Buzzer” Ingholm

“Buzzer” is our second Regulator. He is a sly survivalist and a long-range marksman, able to snipe kill targets with a single shot. To his aid he has a wide array of technical gadgets to create holographic decoys or to simply melt his enemies with acidic rain or a massive boulder of lightning.


Buzzer’s Power Shot is his main way of stunning enemies. It is a single target stun that stuns the target for a long time. Passively, Power Shot also lets Buzzer deal high extra damage with the first attack against a target, making him able to often one-shot lesser enemies. As an additional crowd control device, Buzzer also has a Rigged Decoy that attracts the enemy’s attention for a few seconds before exploding in their faces. He can also summon Acid Rain which pours down in a location, slowing and damaging all enemies in it. Using a Rigged Decoy to lure enemies into the rain is a neat combo to have enemies stay in the corrosive downpour. To finish things off, Buzzers ultimate ability is Hyper Discharge which charges a massive ball of electricity and launches it in a direction, briefly stunning and dealing massive damage to all enemies hit – if lined up correctly, this can even eliminate a small army of Outlaws.


abi_stun_grenade Power Shot abi_stun_grenade Rigged Decoy abi_stun_grenade Acid Rain abi_stun_grenade Hyper Discharge


Strategy and builds

Like Kati, Buzzer plays very differently depending on how you build him. A Tech Power build makes Power Shot less damage oriented, but makes it stun duration longer, making Buzzer able to remove single targets from combat for a long long time. Rigged Decoy and Acid Rain will deal massive AOE damage and slow enemies even more effectively. Building full Damage puts the focus onto his Power Shot, making him able to do very high damage with just a single shot to enemies. The damage of his Power Shot active also increases, making him able to even snipe enemy Champions with the 1-2 combo of a normal attack into a Power Shot active. This build can also be mashed up with some Attack Speed stats to make a great sustained damage from afar build. As Hyper Discharge scales with Buzzers energy (as well as with both Damage and Tech Power), building full energy builds are also a fun, valid option making his ulti deal insane amounts of damage – if seeing an entire incoming wave of enemies melt at your feet is something that you like.

Ok, thats it! The longest dev blog so far I assume (I couldn’t stop). Thanks for reading!