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Bloodsports.TV v1.4 Patch Notes (30894)

Gladiators! A new patch has been deployed to solve a few issues that came up in the latest version. Special thanks to those of you who helped us track down these issues and reported them! Levels  Fixed an issue on The Bonesand Plateau where the Outpost Turrets could spawn back in an odd order. Gameplay ... Read more »

First FREE DLC: BLOOD BRAWL Released for Bloodsports.TV!

Gladiators! The first free DLC for Bloodsports.TV has been released, featuring a new game mode, boss, four new items and two new maps to master. See you in the arena!     Read all about it here:   Discuss This Post Back to News

Bloodsports.TV Patch Notes v1.2 (30474)

Gladiators! A new patch is live! This one will focus primarily on fixing issues.    Gameplay  Hardy Klanning’s Warmachine Tech Power scaling removed so that he can no longer be invulnerable. Even tanks can die now Hardy Klanning’s Warmachine crowd control immunity should now work a lot better. Buzzer Ingholm’s Acid Rain ability tooltip will... Read more »

Bloodsports.TV Patch Notes v1.1 (30342)

Gladiators! A new patch is live for Bloodsports.TV!    Gameplay  The guaranteed crit buffs granted by True Horror and Vengeful AI Buckler now last for one normal attack or up to 3 seconds. Now infinitely shorter. Hardy’s Seismic Stomp can no longer damage the Missile Silo. It was kind of funny though   Tech  Enemy... Read more »

Bloodsports.TV Officially Launched!

Gladiators! The moment we've all been fighting for is finally here. Bloodsports.TV has officially launched on Steam. You can purchase the full game at a discounted price to celebrate the launch. See you in the Arena  

Bloodsports.TV Beta Has Come To An End

Gladiators! The Bloodsports.TV Beta has come to an end. For the next two days we'll be preparing for the official release on March 30. You can find more information about what this will entail here: Announcement: Important - Beta Information   During the Beta we've received a ton of great feedback and have been hard... Read more »

Patch Notes: Beta v0.94 (30262)

Gladiators! Another patch is coming for the Beta of Bloodsports.TV! v0.94 (30262)    Gameplay  Kati Sagan’s abilities should now work a lot better. She will no longer run back to her old attack target when teleporting out of range or chase down targets while Lockdowned. Fixed an issue where ranged Gladiators sometimes would move into... Read more »

Patch Notes: Beta v0.93 (30156)

Gladiators! We have a new patch life for the Beta of Bloodsports.TV! Patch Notes: Beta v0.93 (30156)    Gameplay  Reduced cooldown of heals at lower ranks: Lisbeth’s Helping Hand from 6/-1 to 4/-0.5, Luna’s Hux Flux from 9/-1.5 to 7/-1 Tanks can now expect to live through wave 1 when doing their jobs. Alfred's Dynavisor... Read more »

Dev Blog #4 – Presenting the Regulator!

We’re back for more dev bloggery! With the beta active, the past week has been incredibly fun for us at Toadman Interactive as we’ve gotten the chance to see how some of you play the game and even being able to share the experience with a few. The on-going beta tests are moving forward just... Read more »

Patch Notes: Beta v0.91

Beta v0.91 (29857) Patch Notes: Gameplay Normal (7 waves) and Long (10 waves) game lengths are now unlocked from start rather than being unlocked from Path to Glory. Default game length on install is now 10 waves. It's just more fun this way. Delay between waves increased by 15 seconds. it is now 60 seconds... Read more »

Dev Blog #3 – Beta Excitement!

Yet another week has past, and we wish you welcome back to the third Toadman dev blog. This week’s edition is going to be focusing on our biggest milestone so far: the Bloodsports.TV Beta Launch! --- Hey! As usual I, Rasmus Davidsson Lead Designer at Toadman Interactive, am here to host this weeks Dev Blog!... Read more »

Dev Blog #2: Glory is Forever

Glory is Forever   Welcome back to the second Toadman dev blog. The idea is to make new posts each week up until and after release, where we share our thought and experiences from the development and post-release evolution. If there is anything about the game that you would like to have described or discussed... Read more »

Dev Blog #1: The Holy Trinity +1

Bloodsports.TV Dev Blog #1 The Holy Trinity +1 Welcome to the first dev blog from us at Toadman! First, let us briefly introduce our small game studio. We are located in Stockholm, Sweden and have previously worked on Killing Floor: Calamity. We who work here love both making and playing games, and we play games... Read more »

Bloodsports.TV Announced

Bloody Post-Apocalyptic Gladiator Arena Co-op Game Bloodsports.TV Announced Fatshark in Cooperation with Toadman Interactive Unveils Spin-off From the Krater Universe, Coming to Windows April 8th 2015   Stockholm, Sweden - February 24th, 2015 –  Independent developer Fatshark announced today that it has partnered with indie team  Toadman Interactive, to develop Bloodsports.TV, a bloodthirsty Gladiator-style arena... Read more »