Gladiators! We have a new patch life for the Beta of Bloodsports.TV!

Patch Notes: Beta v0.93 (30156)


 Gameplay itm_unclave_visor

  • Reduced cooldown of heals at lower ranks: Lisbeth’s Helping Hand from 6/-1 to 4/-0.5, Luna’s Hux Flux from 9/-1.5 to 7/-1
    Tanks can now expect to live through wave 1 when doing their jobs.
  • Alfred’s Dynavisor T-30 bomb damage increased from 800 + 1*TP to 1500 + 10*TP.
    Needed a little more bang for the buck.
  • Rimfrost AC-2.0’s activated ability should now be instant (had a second delay before triggering) and its activated ability slow reduced from 95% to 85% and radius increased from 5 to 6.
    Winter is coming. Now instantly.
  • Fixed issue where Curse Clan Idol and Troll-Rabbit’s Foot would not obey their cooldowns.
    Seems to be some sort of jinx on these items.
  • Bloating Implant now gives 200 health instead of 250.
  • Edgy Implant now gives 5% Attack Speed instead of 10%.
  • Numbing Implant now gives 5% Armor instead of 10%.
  • Spiky Implant now gives 3% Critical Chance instead of 5%.
  • The Mad Butcher will now teleport more often and be better at picking a good target to teleport to.
  • Slashers will now prioritize attacking Medikus and Regulators a lot more and Slayers slightly more.
    They just look too tasty. Nom!


Art abi_helping_hand

  • Some Bloom tweaking.
    No more occasional light shows. Or at least not as often.
  • Updated The Village Hero’s Blast Wave ability feedback, telegraphing that its more dangerous closer to the center.
    Yes. Stay away from the center of the giant explosion.
  • Improvised Decoy from IDEA Toolbox’s taunt aura is now blue so it looks less intimidating, it is also double in size to match the radius of the aura.
    No. It is not dangerous for Gladiators.
  • Made the teeth on the Missile Shark white.
    Or whale, as some seem to prefer to call it  


UI abi_base_teleport

  • Changed ready button to green.
  • Ingame player names now support Cyrillic letters.
  • Fixed an issue with the loading screen in various resolutions.
  • The health bars and combat text should now scale better to resolution.
  • UI should now work a lot better while the game is minimized.
  • Item cooldown no longer disappear when moving items in the inventory.
  • The Windmiller should now be sorted into the right categories in the shop.
  • Klyve’s Man-Cleaver ability now uses the correct effect icon.
  • Having several The Scout’s Code should now only give one icon.


Tech itm_cursed_idol

  • Made game a lot more stable while returning back to lobby.
  • Fixed a bug in Path to Glory were challenges sometimes would not unlock when they should after low tier challenges got bugged.
  • Fixed a bug in Path to Glory where the legendary tier challenge for each class could not be unlocked in Endless mode.
  • The hotkey to hide the UI should now work again (Ctrl + G).
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could sometimes get stuck in the air.
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the game while reviving.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the portrait of revived Gladiators.


Misc itm_energy_fix

  • Servers playing on a diffrent version of Bloodsports.TV will no longer be viewable from the server list.
  • Environmental Rats should no longer be able to stop Hyper Discharge projectiles.
    This is not a joke.
  • Fixed several spelling errors.