Gladiators! Another patch is coming for the Beta of Bloodsports.TV!

v0.94 (30262)


 Gameplay itm_unclave_visor

  • Kati Sagan’s abilities should now work a lot better. She will no longer run back to her old attack target when teleporting out of range or chase down targets while Lockdowned.
  • Fixed an issue where ranged Gladiators sometimes would move into melee when attacking.
    Outlaws should be shot on sight – not hugged.
  • Fixed an issue where Luna’s Hux Flux only could heal allies and damage Outlaws once every 5 seconds.
    “I feel alive again” one Bruiser is quoted to have said after trying the patch.
  • Fixed an issue where Hardy Klanning would sometimes miss targets with his Dauntless Charge.
    He’s just not that acrobatic.
  • Beasts respawn delay increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Should improve situations where the Beasts respawned instantly after being killed.
    No more – or at least fewer – sudden ambushes.
  • Fixed an issue where some Beasts could not damage BoxBots.
    We’ll miss those epic battles of BEAST vs MACHINE, but its for the best!
  • Alfred’s DynaVisor™ T-30 bomb should now also explode on death. Explosion damage reduced from 1500 + 1000% Tech Power to 1000 + 500% Tech Power.
    Its actually useful now!
  • Fixed issue with Turbo Energizer, Grizzly Toothblade and The Windmiller where you could gain the wrong buff depending on in what order you bought the items.


Sound abi_life_siphon

  • Fixed issue where the commentator would always be disabled until the user changed settings.
    Censorship isn’t cool.


UI abi_base_teleport

  • Enemy healing combat text is now green.
    Did you know that the Mad Butcher also heals himself off of your suffering with his Lifesteal Aura?
  • Escape key can now be used to abort the chat in game.
  • Score monitor in main menu now supports higher scores and longer names.
    #Firstworldproblems (we’re looking at you How4much)
  • Added server filters in server list.
    Passworded servers begone!
  • Fixed a bug where the shop ‘Buy’ button would toggle between enabled/disabled every time an item is selected in the shop, regardless of if you can afford it or not.


Tech itm_cursed_idol

  • Fixed crash when entering a game from lobby while game was ending.
  • Fixed crash when trying to reset Path of Glory progress.


Misc itm_energy_fix

  • Updated several tooltips to make descriptions easier to understand.


See you in the Arena!