Beta v0.91 (29857)

Patch Notes:


  • Normal (7 waves) and Long (10 waves) game lengths are now unlocked from start rather than being unlocked from Path to Glory. Default game length on install is now 10 waves.
    It’s just more fun this way.
  • Delay between waves increased by 15 seconds. it is now 60 seconds for “normal” waves and 75 seconds for boss waves. Note that this delay is scaled with Leagues.
    More time for shopping!
  • Swift Vengeance achievement requirement lowered from 2500 vengeance kills to 250 vengeance kills.
    You could say we made Vengeance even Swifter..
  • Mad Butcher ability ‘Osmosis Aura’ renamed ‘Life Drain Aura’ and particles color changed to red rather than green and life drain beam particles are now larger. Life Drain Aura now also deals more damage (up from 10% max health damage in all Leagues to 15-25% based on League ability scaling). The Mad Butcher’s speed while in Life Drain Aura now also scales more with League ability scaling, making it actually faster in master League and up, rather than slower (up from 80-100% speed to 80-160%).
    Turns out nobody understood the word “Osmosis”, so we made it look and sound more dangerous. Crowd Control is now more effective in higher leagues.
  • Enemy Champions health scaling per wave decreased from 30% to 25% while health scaling cap wave increased from wave 10 to wave 15.
    Enemy champions could get really grindy to kill at mid-late waves (~8-10), especially if lacking a proper single target damage dealer, while waves 10+ sometimes got very easy to kill fast with high damage oriented teams. This change should mitigate this, while also making it slightly easier to complete 10 waves in all Leagues.
  • Damage over time effects no longer proc Vamp Strike.
    Bleed and Vamp was just too good. Sorry.
  • “Buzzer” Ingholm Power Shot [Q] active charge up reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.25.
    Because it should stun the enemy, not the player
  • Quick Fix removed.
    Was made redundant a while back, nobody was buying them



  • Replaced the missile model with a brand new “Sharksplosive”
  • Hover highlights now also highlight hovered units’ weapons.
  • Added bloom.
  • Major particle effects update, both new effects added (primarily for activated items) and changes to existing ones.
  • Color and lighting tweaks to several levels.



  • Game font now supports Cyrillic letters.
  • Game chat now works in the end game screen.
    For gg’s, wp’s etc.
  • Updates to picture-in-picture and tutorial text messages.
  • Hovering a Gladiator’s portrait in the HUD now highlights that Gladiator and the cursor updates correctly when doing so, no longer always showing as ‘unable’.
  • Multiplayer’ renamed to ‘Play’ and ‘Host’ renamed to ‘New Game’, ‘Lone Wolf’ renamed to ‘Tutorial’ and now only includes the Tutorial level.
    It is still possible to play alone by reducing the player limit or setting a password for you Lone Wolves out there
  • League selection list now displays the enemy stun resistance increase for the Leagues.
    Stun resistance reduces the duration of stuns and other crowd control effects.
  • Added a ‘Reset save’ to game options for if progression issues with Path to Glory occurs or if you just want to go through it again.
  • Fixed various issues with the Scoreboards.
  • Path to Glory achievement descriptions are now colored based on their class affiliation.
    To make it clearer that each path is associated with each of the classes.
  • Standardized all instances for the ingame currency to “coin”.
  • Beasts name updates: “Wolf” renamed to “Wasteland Hound”, “Bear” renamed “Corrupted Bear” and “Big Boar” renamed “Alpha Boar”.
  • Numpad ‘Enter’ can now also be used as ‘Enter’ in the chat.
  • Hide UI (Ctrl + G) is now available during Free Flight camera (F10, toggle).
    For taking awesome screenshots or making crazy videos.


  • Updates and timing tweaks to various sounds.


  • Fixed various bugs and crashes.
  • Updates to how several transporter abilities and effects work, making things like True Horror more reliable and jumping enemies stunned or killed mid-air to follow their ongoing transporter through. Charge transporters are still interrupted by stuns.


Updated credits.